UX Designer



Multiple locations
Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2023

ReliaQuest partners with organizations to tackle their cybersecurity challenges by reducing the noise and complexity of their security environment. We are looking for an experienced individual to join our user experience team to design new ways to support our analysts and customers with improved tools and automation.

Here at ReliaQuest, we have a world-class team of analysts and security professionals who watch for threats to our customers and work with them to manage risk. But with new cybersecurity challenges comes the need for supporting our teams with new solutions, which is why we built GreyMatter.

GreyMatter is our platform for bringing all the data and functionality needed to detect, investigate, and respond to incidents in one place. We genuinely care about making security possible, and the user experience is crucial to solving long-standing challenges in cybersecurity.

As a UX Designer at ReliaQuest, you will be responsible for driving the design of essential GreyMatter capabilities, expanding our Figma design system, and building new solutions that you will take from concept to release in close collaboration with our product managers, developers, and cybersecurity experts. You will research and validate the needs of the end-user and share that understanding with your teams.

We are looking for candidates to join us in our London office. This position is for full-time employment and on-site.


  • Research user needs, test ideas, and share what you learn with the product team. Participate in user interviews, run usability tests, document research, and report findings to benefit product managers, developers, and stakeholders.
  • Design end to end experiences. Create flows, prototypes, and visuals for developers, analysts, and customers.
  • Collaborate with the team. You will work closely with designers, participate in discussions, and help build on ideas together.
  • Drive your work. We are a small design team where everybody has autonomy and responsibility. Be ready to offer solutions and support others when we encounter challenges.


  • You are passionate about clean and simple interfaces. You keep things simple and are willing to iterate on something multiple times to get it right.
  • You are curious. You want to continually learn, not just about the best way to solve challenges in design, but about other people and their ideas. You have a bias towards finding solutions rather than shutting down ideas.
  • You like the challenge of taking a hard problem and working it into an intuitive solution. GreyMatter solves complex, technical problems for our users. An interest in technical problems and coming out with well-designed, simple solutions will get you started fast.
  • You put our users first. You pay attention to details and seek to understand what problems our users need solved.
  • You are ready to do the work. UX designers are expected to push their work to continually improve and are eager to learn from others. If you’re been designing for at least 1 year you may have the skillset you need to get moving. (And if you have less experience, we are always interested in talking to motivated individuals who are excited about design and can show their work.)

Our tools

  • Figma for UI designs. Our design system is built in Figma and we keep our components and patterns aligned with development team’s component library. And our developers reference our Figma designs for spacing, colors, and any other UI specifications.
  • ProtoPie for highly-interactive prototypes. Often Figma prototypes are enough, but designing a solution that people use to dig into data sometimes calls for more specific interactions. We use ProtoPie to prototype interactions like keyboard shortcuts, form completion, and drag-and-drop behavior.
  • Dovetail for documenting research. User research is not only crucial to our work, but is valued throughout ReliaQuest. Dovetail helps us to gather, document, and share our findings across the organization.
  • Miro for whiteboarding. We are always looking for new ways to collaborate and engage our teams, and Miro provides us the means to work together in shared space, even remotely.